Luma with Lift Assist by Positive Posture

Luma with lift assist zero gravity recliner


Lift chair and True Zero Gravity® power recliner. With a gentle but strong lift mechanism, find the perfect angles for relaxing than standing. Independent back, legs, and headrest are adjustable for personalized comfort. Warming back and seat heat and adjustable lumbar and neck pillows provide additional comfort and support. Other features include soil resistant fabric, easy to read backlit remote, and battery back-up in the event of a power outage. 

Your Lift Chair may qualify as a medical expense.

Available in dark brown

and black.



Luma Recliner by Positive Posture

Helped everyone in the family!

" I bought this chair for my father in law who is extremely stiff and disabled from advanced Parkinson's. Prior to the chair, my mother in law and other caregivers had to heave and pull him to standing many times a day, everyday. Also, the act of sitting down was anxiety producing for everyone; almost like watching him slowly fall. 

Now, he can get in and out of the chair himself, which has saved my mother in law's back, and kept him from breaking a hip due to related falls he often suffered previously from getting in and out of chairs. It's also granted him a measure of independence we thought he had lost, which is a rare positive step for our family with regards to this disease. I'll also mention that the chair's arms are raised a comfortable height from the seat, so it keeps him snug in the chair, and we don't worry about him falling out of it (as he did in his previous recliner). And the leather on the chair is amazingly luxurious, while being extremely easy to wipe clean. And my mother in law enjoys the heat in the chair while putting her legs up in the zero gravity position after a long day of caregiving. Thanks for such a great product that has truly helped our family!"

Erica, 06/14/17