X Chair Zero Gravity Recliner by Andrew LeBlanc

X Chair by Andrew LeBlanc


An artisan-crafted Zero Gravity recliner. Choose from a selection of high quality fabrics and leathers, or provide your own material. Available in manual, one-touch recline, and battery-powered recline.  Features include:

  • Solid, hand-crafted, Made in the U.S.A. construction
  • Elastic straps with a lifetime guarantee — give you a feeling of sitting into the chair, not on the chair
  • Articulating headrest — Articulates 15° forward. Allows you to comfortably watch TV , work on a laptop, or read
  • Dual pivot mechanism— Designed to move like a glider. Smooth recline motion with independently controlled footrest position.
  • Adjustable cervical support pillow — adjusts to the comfort of each individual
  • Adjustable air bladder for individualized lumbar support

One of the benefits of all Andrew LeBlanc Chairs is the ability to offer many options for customers to create a chair that is focused on their individual needs.

See the vast selection of material choices here:


Solid wood base available in Walnut, Dark Cherry, and Teak

Optional Upgrades Include:

Material Choices, Heated Backrests, Battery Power and Battery Backup, Pillow Top and Memory Foam Upgrades, and Wider Armrests.

Starting at $3099

Why A Zero Gravity, Full Recline Chair?

Over time, nature’s gravity can take a toll on any body, causing back pain, muscle pain and pressure on your spine, joints, and internal organs. Gravity often makes underlying health issues even more painful. Anyone who suffers from back, muscle or joint pain knows how hard it can be to find relief. 

By elevating your legs above your heart, Andrew LeBlanc’s full recline chairs offer the doctor-recommended best way to sit for maximum comfort and relief of pressure on the back and spine. This position also improves overall blood flow throughout the body. Our chairs recline gently and smoothly to any position you desire. A battery option is available for those who desire a cord-free look. 

Health benefits can include:
• Alleviate back pain
• Reduce muscle soreness
• Relieve stress and tension
• Improve circulation
• Reduce acid reflux
• Improve digestion
• Reduce swelling and edema
• Breath easier

Enjoy the ultimate in health and comfort with an Andrew LeBlanc zero-gravity recliner. Watch TV, read, work on a tablet, laptop, or just relax.  Nap while relieving pressure on your back, leg muscles and spine. Breath easier and improve overall blood circulation. Relieve the stress of the day; come home to the gentle relaxation of a truly comfortable chair.

    X Chair Zero Gravity Recliner by Andrew LeBlanc

    X Chair Zero Gravity Recliner by Andrew LeBlanc

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